Consumer Resources

We are here to serve you! In addition to the classes we offer each month, we also have free services that are provided outside of the classroom.

One-on-One Financial Coaching

This program offers participants an opportunity to get personalized assistance with their financial plan. Together, we will work to understand and evaluate your current budget, goals, and resources. Depending on your needs, we can discuss credit, predatory lending, identity theft, and managing your account. We begin by developing a strategy to meet and exceed your financial goals, and recommend specific courses of action for you to take. Come prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to succeed and take the action required to meet your goals. Email [email protected] to schedule your one-on-one coaching session today!

Excel Center® EverFi Financial Literacy Program

This program offers an interactive and fun way to learn more about personal finances. Sign up and learn more about credit scores and reports, savings and investments, mortgages, credit cards and much more! You’ll learn how to successfully manage your finances and plan for your future at your own pace and even in the comfort of your home! This program breaks down difficult-to-understand information in a simple way and then offers short knowledge checks to apply what you’ve learned to real situations. Sign up today at to prepare yourself for your financial future!