12 Steps to Hope

12 Steps to Hope
October 17, 2015 Paul Woodruff

More free time. More space. More money. More friends. More joy. Who doesn’t want more? Hope can help add more to your life. According to Webster Merriam Dictionary, hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. In order to be able to do the financial things we want to do, we must first feel hopeful that they are going to get done. When it comes to your financial hope, it takes bravery, vulnerability, flexibility and a willingness to try different things. Whatever you choose to achieve financially, you must hope for and acknowledge that you are deserving of your goals.

I, as many of us often do, equated my net worth to my self-worth. That negative self-talk diminished my hope. Until I chose to stop thinking negatively, and chose positivity, hope, and bravery, I was not able to do what I wanted to do financially. I encourage all of us to thank ourselves for the gifts we give the universe and chose hope.

This sounds easier said than done, right? Here are some small steps to gain hope.

  1. Think of the top three things that you value, and make them your focus in all things that you do.
  2. Thank yourself for all of your positive financial actions. For example, “I saved ten dollars by eating at home instead of going out to eat. Thank you.”
  3. Thank yourself for all of daily achievements. “I cleaned the bathroom. Thank you”
  4. Make a list of all the things and experiences you want to have in your lifetime.
  5. Set up a list of priorities of your wants to decide where you put your energy and resources.
  6. Create S(pecific) M(easurable) A(djustable) R(ealistic) T(ime-Oriented) goals to achieve your priorities.
  7. Implement daily behaviors to bring you closer to reaching your goals. For example, walk to and from work to save gas (and burn calories).
  8. Focus energy and focus on people and experiences versus things and materials.
  9. Take the time to daydream; anywhere from 5 minutes to as long as you need.
  10. Create a vision board, digitally or manually.
  11. Share with your loved ones your goals and ask for accountability
  12. Affirm to yourself out loud when you embark on your day that you chose hope and are choosing to be hopeful.

Hope is contagious. Steps 1 through 12 are powerful, but can become exponentially more powerful when you attend a financial education class hosted by Prosperity Connection and share the hope with others. You can and will achieve your goals; come to financial coaching to practice hope and build your financial future.

By Sarah Dlugolecki – Financial Coach