The Power Of Forgiveness

The Power Of Forgiveness
November 2, 2015 Paul Woodruff

Wouldn’t it be great if banks and collectors forgave our loans and obligations? If one day our debt, poor credit, or financial mistakes were erased and seemingly forgiven.

Perhaps an even more radical thought is that we may forgive ourselves for actions we are not proud of: Over drafting your account or borrowing in unfit circumstances because it is the best option. Hanging on to feelings of regret and frustration take our valuable time and energy. Forgiveness is a powerful tool that everyone owes to himself or herself. The truth is the first step towards being open and excited about financial well-being is forgiving ourselves for our financial mishaps.

Two weeks ago I over drafted my account for the third time this month. At first I was unbelievably angry with myself. So much so I could not focus on a solution. Then, rather than blaming myself or claiming that I am incapable of fixing the problem I repeated this phrase. “That was not like me”. The switch in attitude and language from resentment to self-forgiveness made walking into the bank to set up overdraft protections simple and shame free. By releasing my resentment, guilt, or frustration I set myself free to change and grow.

Take away thoughts:

I will not allow old resentments to weigh me down any longer. I am building a better and more loving life today.

“Forgiving is not forgetting, it’s letting go of the hurt”

– Mary Mcleod Berthune


By Katie Kristensen, Prosperity Connection Practicum Student