Saving: A Dedication to Yourself

Saving: A Dedication to Yourself
February 22, 2016 Prosperity Connection

In honor of America Saves Week and Military Saves Week, Prosperity Connection is encouraging you to get into the habit of saving! Here’s how to get started.

  • Ask yourself what you are saving for.

Examples: Retirement, College,  Homeownership, Holiday SpendingMilitary Transition

*Don’t limit yourself to these examples. The sky is the limit, & the choice is yours! 

  • Decide how much money per month or per paycheck to set aside in addition to how long it will take to reach your goal.
  • Make a dedication to yourself by taking the Saver’s Pledge.

Join Prosperity Connection this week in taking the pledge! We will be out helping you create your goals. We will post your photos on our Facebook page to help you participate in the #ImSavingFor Photo Contest where you can enter to win $500 from the America Saves campaign.

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  • Attend a class to gather more information on saving or other financial topics.
  • Keep yourself on track through accountability with a Prosperity Connection Financial Coach. Services are free of charge but can be very powerful to those who are ready to implement financial change in their life!
  • Have fun! Remember that you saving for YOU, for YOUR family, for YOUR loved ones, for YOUR success! This should be exciting, especially when you achieve the goal you’ve been waiting for!

By Meghan Northcutt, AFC® Candidate, FFC™ Candidate