Women’s History Month raises Questions of Financial Equality

Women’s History Month raises Questions of Financial Equality
February 29, 2016 Prosperity Connection

Women are more likely to work multiple jobs to sustain financial security than men, according to a study conducted by Economic Policy Institute economist, Valerie Rawlston Wilson. The good news: More than a third of American women are now the family breadwinner. We have come so far, however, women have a long way to go before they have equal financial footing with their male counterparts.

As a woman, as an alumna of an all women college, and dedicated to women in leadership, I believe in the power of support, love, vulnerability, and advocacy. Unfortunately, there is a gender pay gap and a tendency that women are more financially unhealthy than men. However, if we focus on advocating for each other and encouraging one another, our society can become financially healthy.  As we embark on Women’s History Month, Prosperity Connection is excited to offer a Women’s EmpowerMEnt Series. This will provide the opportunity for women to focus on their greatness and financial potential. Please check out our website for details on upcoming classes! We hope to see you there!

By Sarah Dlugolecki, Financial Capability Manager