Are You Money Smart?

Are You Money Smart?
April 25, 2016 Prosperity Connection

When was the last time you paused to think about the financial health of your household?  Do you have a written spending plan?  Have you looked up your credit report within the last three to six months?

Life and work keep every one of us busy, but that’s not a good reason to avoid making personal financial awareness a part of your regular routine.  What we ignore today can become big trouble tomorrow.  Luckily, there is some help in getting this habit started, or for helping re-energize your drive to remain financially capable: Money Smart Week.

Money Smart Week is a public awareness campaign designed to help consumers better manage their personal finances. This is achieved through the collaboration and coordination of organizations across the country, which includes businesses, financial institutions, schools, libraries, not-for-profits, government agencies, and the media. These groups come together once a year to stress the importance of financial education, inform consumers about where they can get help, and provide free educational seminars and activities throughout the week. Programming is offered to all demographics and income levels and covers all facets of personal finance from establishing a budget to first time home buying to estate planning.

Prosperity Connection’s entire mission revolves around the spirit and intent of Money Smart Week.  A financially capable and aware society is one that is better prepared to weather the unforeseen financial difficulty that can happen in anyone’s life.  We have continued to participate in the effort to highlight the importance of financial education, but also to spread the word about the great services we offer every day.

Our team of expert coaches can meet with you one-on-one to help support you as you take control of your household budget.  You’re not alone and we’re eager to help.  Take the first step to a brighter tomorrow by attending a class or making an appointment with one of our coaches.  Together, we can make all of St. Louis Money Smart!

By Paul Woodruff, Executive Director