Make a difference. Make a donation.

Make a difference. Make a donation.
May 2, 2016 Prosperity Connection

Sometimes when we hear the local news or just talk with coworkers, friends, and family, it can seem like the problems facing our community are just too much to bear. After all, the list of needs and the stakeholders affected by a variety of problems really are too big for one person to handle alone. For me, a brief reflection of some of the worthy groups and their issues that deserve our collective attention include the following: basic human needs of food and shelter for the homeless, education for youth, job readiness for those re-entering society, health care for the elderly, protection for the abused, transportation for the disabled, guardians for dogs and cats, justice for those facing discrimination, care for the environment, and venues for the arts. Whoa! You rightly say. I am overwhelmed by the level of need and you’re just touching the surface. What can I do about it?!

Fortunately, there are literally hundreds of dedicated nonprofit organizations throughout the area, busy addressing these issues and more, using research to put best practices into place and frequently partnering with one another to create greater impact together. But the problems cannot be solved alone.

You can make a difference! You have the opportunity to turn your worries and concerns into possibilities and solutions by partnering with the nonprofit community in one of the simplest and most effective ways known. You really can make a difference when you support your favorite nonprofits with a monetary donation.

On Tuesday, May 3rd you have the opportunity to make a difference by donating to one or more of the nonprofits participating in Give STL Day. Last year 790 nonprofit organizations raised $2.1 million in this 24 hour online giving event. If half of the area’s population gave just $10 on this day, over $13 million dollars could be raised for our community. In addition, there are businesses and foundations that will be matching donations throughout the day to raise even more funds for charity. Just imagine what we could do for our community together with these collective donations!

Our community needs you to participate, to give. All it takes is just $10 to be a part of this awesome, exciting day. Won’t you join us in supporting our community? Won’t you help our team make a difference for the individuals and families striving for economic independence by donating at least $10 to Prosperity Connection? Make a difference; make a donation.

By Julie Mauchenheimer, Development Specialist