Putting a Smile on Mom’s Face without Breaking the Bank

Putting a Smile on Mom’s Face without Breaking the Bank
May 8, 2017 Prosperity Connection


Mother’s Day is just around the corner. As you’re gearing up to find a way to celebrate with your mom, remember that it’s not about how much an item costs. Your mom cares about spending time with you making memories and the thought behind any gift she’s given. Trust me; it’s not the dollar amount that she cares about. Let’s take a look at a budget-friendly plan to celebrate Mom that is sure to put a big smile on her face and fill her heart with joy.

The Card

Remember when you were little and you wanted to give her a card? You didn’t go to the store to buy one; you made one. My mom’s birthday just passed and instead of driving to the store to let someone else make a meaningful card for me, I decided to grab an image off the internet to make my own card. I simply printed the image, folded the paper over, and put a handwritten birthday message inside. Snoopy for the win! She LOVED it! She started reminiscing about some of the cards I made for her when I was little. Jump back to your inner-child to make a fun card for Mother’s Day.

The Gift

There’s nothing like creativiTEA! If you have little ones, let them be creative! Help them make a Sharpie Mug as a gift. Buy a white mug at the dollar store, grab some colorful sharpies, and create Mom a piece of artwork to remind her how loved she is every time she takes a sip of coffee or tea. Even if you’re doing this as an adult, mom will surely appreciate the time you’ve put into making a handmade gift.

The Activity

St. Louis is full of great free places to visit. The Route 66 Chain of Rocks Bridge is a really neat piece of history that gives a fun walking path over the mighty Mississippi; trust me when I say that it’s a beautiful area to visit. Creve Coeur Park is quite possibly my favorite park in St Louis County; it’s a great place for a walk or to relax by the lake. If an indoor adventure is more of your mom’s style, the St. Louis Art Museum would allow both of you to offer your own critiques and takeaways while viewing each piece of artwork together.

Since I can’t imagine celebrating in my family without food being a part of the celebration, I think it’s important to think about low-cost food options. Plan a picnic with sandwiches and fruit. Not only is it budget-friendly, but planning a picnic means you can take your meal to any of the free venues St. Louis has to offer. If you plan to make a dessert, Cake Box Sandwich Cookies are a delicious, easy-to-make option that costs only as much as you want to spend on a box of cake and icing. (Oh and if they’re on sale, then I count this as a double win!)


If you’re reading this and thinking that you like the idea of doing things low-cost but don’t have a budget, get with a free Financial Coach right away. Don’t let summer pass you by; get started now. To meet at the 24:1 Excel Center in Pagedale, contact Evette at (314)371-5057 or Allyn at (314)304-4508. To meet at the St. John Excel Center, contact me at (314)296-2386. To meet at the Old North Excel Center, contact Alnita at (314)371-6016. To meet at the South City Excel Center, contact Robert at (314)304-5690.

Meghan Gardner, AFC, FFC, Financial Coach for Prosperity Connection