Barbecue on a Budget

Barbecue on a Budget
July 3, 2017 Prosperity Connection

By Robert Nelson, Financial Coach for Prosperity Connection

Summertime is the time for fun in the sun, food, family, and friends. With the 4th of July right around the corner, there’s only one event that caters to all the summer time request, a good ole fashion BBQ! Although we all love barbecue’s sometimes throwing one can become very costly. So I’ve compiled a list of convenient and cost-effective ways to throw a barbecue. The first step in a barbecue is inviting folks over, it would be a shame to cook all that food just to have no one show up.

With the world we live in this day and age, technology is the driving force behind everything we do. Using it and all the advantages it comes with is a good way for technology to benefit your barbecue. When inviting people you don’t necessarily have to do it the old fashion way by sending out invitations or calling or even texting people. These methods are very time consuming and can sometimes cost (if you’re handwriting and mailing invitations).

A new and innovative way of inviting people to an event is through social media. Facebook offers an event feature where you can create a page for your event and it will display the name of the event, the location, and date and time. It’ll also show people you’ve invited through Facebook and notify you if they plan on attending. Through this event feature, you can also post changes you might have made to your event and Facebook would automatically notify everyone who’s attending of the changes you’ve made. During and after the event people can also post videos and pictures to your event’s page for the people who didn’t come to see what they missed out on.

Even though Facebook event feature is one of the most commonly used methods of inviting people it’s not the only one. If this feature doesn’t work for you search the web and browse for other event planning websites or applications, to find the one that works best for you.

After you’ve invited all your friends over you should probably look into getting the food to cook for all those people. I personally find it easier to purchase food after you invite people (that way you can assure that you don’t buy too much and the food gets wasted). When shopping for your barbecue you always want to get the most for your dollar, one of the best ways to do that is looking for sales in ads on both meat and sides. You can also achieve this goal by shopping at different stores, some grocery stores can have better prices on things than others. Having a good knowledge of which store has the best value on the item you’re looking for can also diversify your options. Lastly, some items you might want to buy in bulk or wholesale as doing so would likely get you more in quantity for less money.  One thing to consider is that some places that sell items in bulk require you to purchase a membership for access to the deals.  Use your resources and see if you know anyone who has a membership at places like Sam’s Costco, or Restaurant Depot.   And if all else fails you can always have a Barbeque potluck where everyone brings something to the barbecue.

Now that you have guests and food, it’s time to tidy up and decorate. When you’re decorating you want to initially establish a theme (like ‘BBQ on a Budget’) and decide what decorations you want (if any at all). Some good places for decorations are Party City and Walmart, but beware of your budget.   I prefer to go to a store to get an idea of what I’d like to do, then I go to a less expensive store like Dollar Tree to see if they have a comparable product for a cheaper price.

Following these steps can lead you to a very inexpensive barbecue that you and your friends can enjoy. Remember the steps.  First, you want to find a good and cost effective way of inviting your friends over. Next, you want to buy your food on sale or purchase wholesale items. Finally, confirm that your barbecue location is spick, span, and decorated for your guests.

Don’t forget the last step . . . invite me (and all of the Prosperity Connection coaches). For other helpful tips and hints on everyday living come see a coach and allow us to help you make your finances work for you.