Black Professionals in Finance – An Interview with Patricia Parchmon

Black Professionals in Finance – An Interview with Patricia Parchmon
February 19, 2021 Prosperity Connection
Selfie of Patricia Parchmon. She is in an office and is wearing a teal sweater, multicolored scarf, and long hair

Photo courtesy of Patricia Parchmon


We hope you have enjoyed, been inspired by, and learned from our series featuring Black professionals in the St. Louis finance industry. This week, we are honored and excited to “end” with one of our own!

Patricia Parchmon is Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer at St. Louis Community Credit Union (SLCCU). In this role, she directly oversees SLCCU’s service functions and branch operations, setting comprehensive goals for performance and growth. She collaborates with other senior team leaders to implement business strategies and plans that ultimately contribute to the best possible member service experience. She also assists in driving key decisions that affect and enhance banking resources, education, products, and services for our members and the community.

Ultimately, Patricia ensures that the work and overall culture of SLCCU promotes the mission and vision for members, employees, and the community. Through caring service and education, SLCCU provides the residents of the St. Louis region with safe, affordable, and accessible financial services and products. Each and every day, SLCCU does their part to help build a more financially inclusive region.

Read more about Patricia’s background and career below:


Prosperity Connection: Can you tell us a little bit about your background and why you chose to work in finance?
Patricia Parchmon: Prior to joining the credit union industry, I spent quite a bit of time working in fast food while attending school. After getting married, I wanted a “regular nine-to-five job” that would allow me the opportunity to be home more in the evenings with my husband and children. Having an educational background in clinical lab (with a certification in phlebotomy), I sought after work in the healthcare field. Considering the degree of management and cash-handling experience I gained while working in fast food, my husband recommended that I try banking. I applied for employment with local hospitals, the Red Cross, a few banks, and one credit union. I interviewed and received a job offer with another local credit union and accepted. I worked for them for about four years before joining SLCCU a little over 18 years ago.

PC: How did you end up “here”/where you are now?
PP: As a child, I knew that no matter what I did, I wanted to help people and truly make a difference. Not knowing much about credit unions before actually working for one, I really connected with the overall credit union philosophy of “people helping people.” The time I spent working on the front line allowed me to provide service that was in line with my personal mission to help and care for others. As I grew into a leadership role at SLCCU, I embraced the balance of caring for our members and our employees alike. I’d say now, my desire has grown into ensuring the legacy of SLCCU remains strong for what we do and who we are for our members, the communities we serve, and the wellbeing of our employees.

PC: What do you like most about being in your role?
PP: My passion is people. My role allows me to stay connected to our members and our team. I look forward to serving them each day and making sure we continue the necessary work that enhances their livelihood and financial stability.

PC: What would you consider your greatest achievement in your financial career so far?
PP: I often reflect on what a member once told me nearly 17 years ago, “Ms. Parchmon, you are going to be the boss one day.” I remember thinking that senior management was way more than anything I was capable of and frankly didn’t consider it anything I may have even wanted to do. At that time, I really loved serving members and working with my team. Today looking back, I feel very humbled and proud to serve as the SVP/COO.

PC: What is your top, simple financial tip?
PP: There are many roads to financial health. Make sure that you are financially educated. Choose the best path for you at each stage of your life. Be disciplined and patient with your journey.


We want to send a huge ‘thank you’ to Patricia for sharing her story and expertise with us!