Amber Robinson

Amber Robinson

Financial Coach at 24:1/Pagedale Excel Center

Amber believes that making financial stability a priority in her life, helps her be a better wife, mother, and daughter. She is a family person. Being there for her growing family and her elders is one of her biggest priorities. She Amber is always just a few clicks away from her budget, not because budgets are fun, but because it helps her live a more peaceful life. She wants to help you create peace in your financial life using your priorities. She also believes that taming your money is just as much mental work as it is math.  Everybody is different. Let’s find the solution or goal that works for you.

Amber loves to teach and learn. She started her unconventional teaching career at St. Louis Community Credit Union in the Learning and Development department. There she taught people to become tellers and member service representatives. She loves to help people succeed. She is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Education and is excited to keep learning and growing.

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