Nikki Whetsell

Nikki Whetsell

Financial Education Navigator – Rung for Women

Sponsored in part by Rung for Women

Nikki Whetsell joined the Prosperity Connection team in August 2020 as the Financial Education Navigator. Nikki made St. Louis her home in 2013 while pursuing her M.A. degree, but has spent the last 2 ½ years traveling the U.S. with her husband. She’s thrilled to be back and put her teaching experience and program management skills to use as she works in partnership with Rung for Women to build a financial education and coaching program at Rung’s campus.

Nikki believes everyone deserves access to financial literacy information, wealth-building resources, and money management advice. Through the financial education classes and one-on-one coaching, she will provide at Rung, Nikki hopes to help make that a reality in St. Louis!

She understands that finances are woven into almost every part of your life and, if you are able to get your personal finances under control, you’re more likely to have the stability and capacity to take on other goals and obstacles. To that end, her top priority is to help women get their financial house in order. She also knows every person is different and each situation requires a unique approach. So, she will meet you where you are! No judgment. No shame. No guilt. Your money plan will be based on your particular circumstances and completely customized to align with your values, your goals, and your needs.

Ultimately, Nikki looks forward to developing meaningful relationships with Rung members, helping women build wealth and financial security, and advancing equity in the St. Louis region!

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