Robert Nelson V

Robert Nelson V

Financial Coach

Robert Nelson V is a Financial Education Coach with Prosperity Connection. He’s been working in Financial Education for 3 years with experience in finances for 5 years. During this period, he has obtained his certificate as a certified homeownership counselor for NeighborWorks America. He has also obtained his certificate as a Credit Specialist from Freddie Mac. Robert has a heart for helping people obtain their financial goals. With finances being an overlooked topic that everyone has to encounter at some point, many people aren’t sure how to reconcile them due to the lack of financial education in many households and schools. Robert attests much of his success not only to working in the financial industry, but also from his personal experience with his own finances and his many financial endeavors. Robert understands the need to act and provide help to others that come from a similar background as him and are struggling due to the lack of financial education available in his community. He has worked closely with underwriters in making loan decisions, which helped mold his skills to accurately assess each individual’s obstacles. His managerial background gives him the ability to solve complex problems and navigate the most beneficial route for each client and overall helping them obtain their individual financial goals.  Robert utilizes his skillset to encourage, motivate, and uplift people in his community to achieve financial success. In his free time, he loves cooking and expanding his culinary knowledge. When time permits, he likes to listen to music and bowling is a top hobby (He’d challenge anyone to a bowling match). Overall, Robert is a fun and loving person who wants to see everyone succeed. There is no financial challenge he won’t commit to.


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