Since 2009, we have reached more than 19,000 individuals throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan area with group and one-on-one financial education services, empowering residents of the St. Louis region to build their financial wealth and capabilities.

In 2021,

$201,696 of total debt reduced or eliminated by our clients

The average credit score increased by 37 points

$17,867 total saved by our clients

To ensure the success of each client, financial coaching staff track a wide variety of financial indicators including: credit score, debt, savings, assets (home, car), utilization of mainstream healthy financial products, and financial confidence. These outcomes are tracked to shape the overall direction of consecutive sessions.

You can read about the successes and journeys of our clients on our blog.

What Our Clients Have to Say…

“This program was the best thing that could have happened for me… Although I still got some way to go, I am eternally grateful to God for positioning me with the right company and the right people.”

– Willie

It takes discipline, persistence, and a lot of inspiration to set a goal and stick to it, but it’s worth it. I see a path to my dream now. ”

– Amethyst

“I think this is a great program and I’m excited to have had the opportunity to participate. I can’t wait to participate in many of the other classes and see what else there is to offer.”

“Heather was knowledgeable and was able to make me aware of how credit works and where to start to rebuild my credit. Thanks a zillion!”

– Credit Review Clients

Annual Reports