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Prosperity Connection currently has the following job opening(s):

Financial Education Navigator

In partnership and collaboration with RUNG for Women, Prosperity Connection’s Financial Education Navigator will coordinate and execute financial education programs for women who want to achieve holistic self-sufficiency and long-term financial stability.

About Prosperity Connection and its Partnership with Rung

Prosperity Connection envisions an equitable community where everyone has the access, skills, tools, and confidence to achieve their financial aspirations. We promote economic success by providing financial education and access to reliable financial products and services.  We offer financial coaching and money management education, as well as low-cost banking options for people who cannot open an account or access affordable credit.

Prosperity Connection is a partner of Rung.  The Financial Education Navigator will be employed by Prosperity Connection but will work at Rung with its members and will work closely and collaboratively with Rung staff.  The Financial Education Navigator will coordinate and execute financial education programs, including group financial education seminars and one-on-one financial coaching.

Rung is an innovative, start-up nonprofit with a unique approach.  Rung’s members may be surviving in their day-to-day life, but they want more – they want to thrive. Rung’s mission is centered on supporting women in achieving sustained independence and holistic well-being.  Members come with their unique talents, skills, hopes and dreams and, at Rung, support is provided so that these women can define their own goals and work toward achieving them. This highly individualized approach facilitates self-determination while acknowledging the greatness and power in each person who finds their way to Rung.

About the Financial Navigator Position

Prosperity Connection will create a financial education and coaching program that helps women build wealth and improve their financial self-sufficiency.  The Financial Education Navigator will lead this effort, working in tandem with Rung and Prosperity Connection staff.

The focus of this job is making connections with Rung members, motivating and inspiring them to improve their financial practices and position while being aware of and responsive to their needs and concerns.  We seek candidates with:

  • A “how can I help you?” attitude
  • A high level of attention spent on building and maintaining relationships, especially where helping, not pressuring, others fosters the relationship
  • The ability to listen to women and translate their aspirations into achievable actions
  • Follow up skills
  • An excitement for celebrating small wins

Knowledge of financial empowerment tools and resources is important, as is a commitment to helping women increase their financial empowerment.

This position will develop and present training workshops.  It will be important for the Financial Education Navigator to have, or be able to develop, relationships with subject matter experts who can provide workshops.

This position will develop systems and processes, and will evaluate activities with an eye to assessing whether the program should be modified to achieve greater impact.

Competencies & Qualifications

  • Able to work collaboratively with others to create and implement a program
  • Empathetic, warm, supportive, enthusiastic
  • Able to inspire, motivate others and engage their commitment
  • Strong commitment to results, with a sense of urgency for goal achievement
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Experience desired in banking, financial coaching, or other related fields

Application Process

To indicate interest in the position, please:

  1. Complete a five-minute behavioral assessment at https://assessment.predictiveindex.com/bo/6KH/ProspConnFEN
  2. Send your resume and cover letter to ebaker@prosperityconnection.org

Applications received by June 19, 2020 will receive priority consideration.


Executive Director

Status: Exempt

Position reports to: Chairman of the Board

Positions supervised: Director of Operations, Director of Financial Capability, Director of Marketing & Donor Engagement, Director of Financial Services, and Staff Accountant

Job Summary:

The Executive Director of Prosperity Connection is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of the organization with the guidance of the Board of Directors and assistance of staff. Additionally, the role focuses heavily upon partner relationship management and fundraising through numerous channels and methods to ensure organizational sustainability. The Executive Director will exercise discretion and independent judgment with respect to matters of significance.

Essential Functions:

1) Oversees Directors responsible for the day-to-day operations of Prosperity Connection programs, including; the Excel Center network, RedDough Money Centers, fundraising and grant initiatives, and special events. Responsible for ensuring that staff achieves desired outcomes and for stewarding a positive, supportive organizational culture.

2) Serves as the primary liaison to key stakeholders (i.e. area businesses, banks, community leaders, local clergy, government officials and social service agencies) by building and maintaining strategic partnerships that serve to increase the organization’s presence, relevance, and utility in achieving organizational and community goals related to household financial health; seeks and vets new partnership opportunities, as well as periodically reviews existing relationships to determine relevance to organizational goals

3) Leads fundraising efforts through major donor lead development; provides ongoing stewardship of donors to ensure long-term, sustained funding streams; works with relevant staff and committees to create and pitch proposals to corporate, foundation, and individual donors; collaborates with staff and committees to produce ongoing fundraising events; achieves fundraising goals as outlined in annual budgets

4) Acts as chief spokesperson for Prosperity Connection by pursuing and responding to media opportunities; works with relevant staff to manage outward communications for programs, fundraising, and promotions; maintains the quality of internal and external communications

5) Understands and complies with all state and federal regulations and laws.

6) Provides oversight of all organizational finances to ensure fidelity of accounting systems and reporting to stakeholders; works with relevant staff to monitor expenses and income; as needed, provides reports to the Board, committees, and other stakeholders; establishes and monitors annual budgets with the assistance of relevant staff; serves as a signer on financial accounts

7) Ensures that the organization achieves program and initiative milestones, as agreed upon within MOUs, contracts, and other agreements between Prosperity Connection and funding/program stakeholders

8) Provides accurate and timely program and financial reports to advisory & oversight committees, as well as the Board of Directors throughout the year

9) Represents Prosperity Connection in a professional manner, and helps to ensure the integrity of the organization’s brand at all times

10) Actively performs other duties as assigned.


• Three (3) or more years of experience in nonprofit & personnel management, major donor engagement, and fundraising
• Strong understanding of community development, project management, communications, and organizational dynamics


The Executive Director must have a thorough understanding of the offerings provided by Prosperity Connection and the field of financial capability.

The candidate must be extremely professional in behavior and appearance, show initiative, be willing to work a flexible schedule, and have the ability to work independently and in a team environment. Prosperity Connection’s Executive Director should exemplify the spirit of the organization and provide thought leadership in addition to basic organizational management.

The candidate will also possess superior grammar, proofreading and editing skills, exceptional attention to detail, and must be able to master the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Additionally, the Executive Director must be a confident and capable public speaker.

Physical Requirements:

The physical requirements described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

The physical requirements of this job include the ability to stand/sit, walk, reach above shoulder level, data entry, crouch, bend, stoop, kneel, squat, crawl and carry/lift up to 35 pounds. The employee must have a valid driver’s license and have his or her own personal transportation.

In order to apply for the position, please submit a cover letter, resume, and list of references to employment@prosperityconnection.org.