Classes & Coaching

Place matters, especially when it comes to financial education. Prosperity Connection’s efforts depend upon our ability to meet people where they live and work. That is why we have dedicated our resources to the deployment of a network of facilities throughout the St. Louis region where clients can easily access resources in a judgment-free zone. At Prosperity Connection, our highly trained educators and volunteers provide free group seminars and one-on-one coaching services in an effort to help clients set reasonable goals and get the assistance they need to achieve their financial dreams.

We have found that simply providing “financial education” is not enough.

Prosperity Connection’s network provides the perfect platform from which to offer our unique and inclusive suite of financial empowerment services for the betterment of individual households and the broader community. In addition to offering our services, Prosperity Connection staff places a special emphasis on tracking client outcomes. By monitoring key metrics such as credit score, debt load, asset attainment, and more, we are able to tailor client interventions for each individual to ensure the best opportunity for success. Additionally, we are able to provide an enhanced level of accountability to funders, communities, and other stakeholders invested in Prosperity Connection programming. Since opening in June of 2012, we have served more than 40,000 people through group seminars, community fairs, and one-on-one financial coaching.

St. Louis Builds Credit Initiative

St. Louis Builds Credit (STLBC) is a citywide credit-building initiative that seeks to use credit building as a lever to open doors for St. Louisans to achieve a prime credit score, build wealth, and promote financial health. We believe that credit building can be a tool for tackling income inequality and decreasing the racial wealth gap. Our vision is that credit is a force that brings about financial justice and economic dignity for every St. Louisan. STLBC is led by Prosperity Connection in partnership with Equifax Foundation, Dutchtown South Community Corporation, Justine PETERSEN, and Small Business Empowerment Center. Working with our network of community partners, we provide St. Louisans with increased access to the tools they need to build a prime credit score, including free credit building workshops, free financial coaching, and safe credit building products. We also work with funders, financial institutions, credit bureaus, and other leaders in the industry to advocate for consumer-focused systems change. Most of all, we’re on a mission to make credit work for everyone. You can learn more by going to https://stlbuildscredit.com/

Special Events

Aside from our daytime programming, we also offer evening seminars to accommodate busy schedules.

Upcoming Events