RedDough® Money Center

Financial well-being is greatly enhanced when the check-cashing and payday lending industry is not a consumer’s first or only choice.

Another way Prosperity Connection® is focused on providing ground breaking services to the community is with our RedDough Money Center. Because it is owned and operated by a 501(c)3, RedDough® is a non-profit alternative to fringe banking services. Located in Pagedale and in the Benton Park West neighborhood in South St. Louis City, this operation gives people an affordable option and a true pathway to financial freedom.

The RedDough Money Center provides safe and affordable financial products and services for low/moderate income individuals and families. Services include; low-cost check cashing, short-term loans, bill-pay, reloadable debit cards and more to those individuals who either cannot qualify for a bank account or, for personal reasons, have decided to stay out of the mainstream. RedDough Money Center provides people with a wide variety of options to pay less for banking services and have access to development services through the Excel Center® so that they may continue to work toward attaining long-term financial goals.

Because RedDough Money Center is operated by a nonprofit (Prosperity Connection), we will reinvest any profit back into the local community to support financial education at the Excel Center, scholarships, and initiatives with partner social service agencies. So, when consumers do business with RedDough, not only are they enhancing their own financial well-being, but they are helping to create wealth in their respective communities.

For more information, please visit: www.reddough.com





6724 Page Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63133
2828 Gravois Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63118

Funding permitting, we plan to open additional Money Centers in strategic areas throughout the region and even other parts of the country.