St. Louis Builds Credit (STLBC) is a citywide credit-building initiative that seeks to use credit-building as a lever to open doors for St. Louisans to achieve a prime credit score, build wealth, and promote financial wellness. We believe that credit-building can be a tool for tackling income inequality and decreasing the racial wealth gap. Our vision is that credit is a force that brings about financial justice and economic dignity for every St. Louisan.

STLBC aims to reduce the racial credit score gap in St. Louis City by at least 15% every 5 years,

eliminating the gap by 2050.

STLBC is led by Prosperity Connection in partnership with Equifax Foundation, Dutchtown South Community Corporation, Justine PETERSEN, Small Business Empowerment Center, First Bank, and MoCaFi. Working with our network of community partners, we provide St. Louisans with increased access to the tools they need to build a prime credit score, including free credit-building workshops, free financial coaching, and safe credit-building products. We also work with funders, financial institutions, credit bureaus, and other leaders in the industry to advocate for consumer-focused systems change. Most of all, we’re on a mission to make credit work for everyone.

What We Do

Join us for our credit fairs and financial education classes!

At Credit Fairs, anyone can have a 20 minute credit-coaching session where a trained volunteer pulls your credit report, reviews it with you, and helps to tailor a personalized action plan to build your credit.

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Our Personal Finance Classes provide general knowledge about financial education topics, including building your credit, creating your spending plan, and purchasing a home.

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We are always looking for support with our programming! Sign up to volunteer as a Credit Report Reviewer or Credit Class Presenter, or any other way you are able to give your time.

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