Not Ready for the Full Commitment of Coaching?

We are now offering credit report reviews under the umbrella of our St. Louis Builds Credit initiative. During this one-time virtual appointment, our staff or trained volunteer will provide you with an analysis of your credit report, resources, and action steps you can take to improve your credit. All of this comes at no cost to you and will not hurt your credit score. This is a great way to get personalized tips for improving your credit without the time commitment involved with our financial coaching.

What You’ll Get

  • A copy of your credit report and FICO score at no cost and no impact to your credit
  • 20 minute 1:1 consultation with a staff member or trained credit volunteer
  • Personalized recommendations for how to improve your credit
  • Resources and tips to jumpstart your journey towards better credit

If after your session you would like further consultations, you can always sign up for our financial coaching program where you can get continuous, individualized support.

To see some of the success our clients have had, check out our blog.