We offer personal finance classes through our St. Louis Builds Credit program. Our classes provide general financial knowledge to help you foster a strong financial foundation, build savings, and reach your financial goals.

We strive to make our personal finance classes accessible to everyone. Since the pandemic introduced us to virtual learning, the majority of our classes are now LIVE on Zoom. Yes, live! No pre-recordings here. Every month, there will be one in-person class and the topic will change, so continue to check our website and social media for what’s in store!

Every month, for each class you attend, you’ll be entered into a raffle for one of two $50 gift cards for gas or groceries – your choice! The more classes you attend, the more chances you have to win!

Class Descriptions

Every month, we offer classes on the following topics:

Creating Your Spending Plan

Learn the different types of financial goals, why it’s important to have a spending plan, how to create SMART goals, and how to create your spending plan based on your goals.

Understanding Credit

Learn why having good credit is important, what’s in your credit report, how to get your credit report for free, and how to dispute incorrect information. You will also learn all about what makes up your credit score and strategies to build your credit.

Using Credit Cards Wisely

Learn the different ways to use your credit cards and some strategies for maximizing your credit-building goals while staying within a budget. You will also learn how to prevent common mistakes made with impulse shopping.

Home Buying

Learn how to achieve affordable and successful homeownership, how to get a free credit analysis, and what documentation you need to be approved for a loan. We’ll also tell you about down payment assistance programs that are available.