“I came a long way with the counseling and all of the different services that I received.”

Life can be full of unexpected twists and turns…Barbara had her share of them.

As a victim of domestic abuse, she started off as a resident of the local YWCA’s Transitional Housing program. For the first time in her life, she began her journey to independence. Barbara took advantage of the organization’s life skills and counseling services. Financial self-sufficiency was a major component. It was there where she had her first encounter with Prosperity Connection.

“I just couldn’t get ahead, you know, without taking care of my debt first,” said Barbara.

Prosperity Connection offered weekly financial education classes to the YWCA, as well as one-on-one coaching sessions. Based on what she learned, Barbara was able to open a bank account and begin living for herself. She actively participated in the classes and was eager to absorb all that she could to improve her life for the better. Barbara also took part in the YWCA and Prosperity Connection’s Individual Development Account (IDA) program, which introduced her to the concept of saving.

“I came a long way with the counseling and all of the different services that I received,”

Barbara explains. “I know that I have a resource where I can get out of debt…where I can start all over.”

Barbara now calls the YWCA her place of steady employment as opposed to her residence. Thanks to Prosperity Connection, she is living life on her terms, moving from victim to victor.

She proudly proclaims, “It just makes you feel better about yourself. It makes you keep going and it makes you a stronger person.”