“I have nothing holding me back…I sleep better now.”

Monica was ready to make some changes in her life. For starters, she wanted to take control of her finances.

“I just wanted a few tips to get out of the hole I created,” Monica said.

Prosperity Connection works with Kingdom House — a local social service agency — offering financial education and outreach. A friend of Monica’s referred her to the classes as a means to get her moving in the right direction.

Monica was determined to make this work. She attended every Prosperity Connection course, took diligent notes and began to put what she learned into action. She was all in.

“I couldn’t believe it was free,” she stated. “Just having the free classes is motivating because it means someone really cares about you.”

One day, Monica attended a credit building session. She learned how to develop a plan of action…how to eliminate her bills one by one. The instructor talked about the snowball effect of paying the lowest debt first, then proceeding to the next one. It was a new experience for her. Monica was skeptical at first, but the plan worked.

“This is the first year I started saving,” Monica beamed.

She decided to shift her spending lifestyle, breaking the cycle. Monica stopped using her credit cards. This led her to ease up on clothing and shoe purchases. Every time she began to deter from her new path, there seemed to be another class on the schedule to keep her focused. This fueled her motivation.

Monica had the opportunity to have her credit reviewed. To her surprise, her credit score improved as a result of her own due diligence of paying down her debt. Thanks to the newfound knowledge she gained, Monica was able to buy her dream car: a pre-owned, 2012 red Nissan Sentra.

“If I can do it, anyone else can. I am proud of myself. I still can’t believe I did it.”

The possibilities are endless now that Monica has a sense of hope. In addition to receiving the tools she needed in the classes, her entire point of viewpoint on money management has changed. Monica is determined to move forward.

“All doors are opened to me now. I have nothing holding me back,” Monica joyfully said. “I sleep better now.”