Our Team

Our Team

Our staff and our Board of Directors power our mission and vision in some pretty amazing ways. Their energy, dedication, and talent allow us to strive for a financially prosperous St. Louis. Get to know them by clicking on their pictures below!

Program Team

Remy Edwards

Financial Educator


Financial Coach


Senior Financial Coach

Sasha Moore

Senior Financial Coach

Ashlee Morgan

Senior Financial Coach


Financial Educator

Admin and Support Staff

Ben Feimer

Business Development Officer

Carol Harris

Executive Project Manager

Julianna Nikodym

Marketing and Program Operations Coordinator


Director of Safety and Wellbeing


Heather jaconis

Director of Finance and Operations

Sara Middendorf

Director of Saint Louis Builds Credit

Robert Nelson V

Director of Coaching

Kathy Siddens

Executive Director

Nikki Whetsell

Director of Communications and Advancement

Board of Directors

Eddie Davis – Chairperson

Vice President of Transformation at The Marshall Group

Tony Janssen – Vice Chair

Senior Vice President at US Bank

Joyce Kampwerth – Treasurer

Senior Vice President at Parkside Financial Bank & Trust

Felicia Pulliam – Director

CEO of Create Community LLC

Nikki Woelfel – Director

Vice President of Community Development at Carrollton Bank

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