“It takes discipline, persistence, and a lot of inspiration to set a goal and stick to it, but it’s worth it. I see a path to my dream now. ”

When we first met Amethyst in September of 2016, her primary goal was to obtain a full-time job and to decrease her expenses. Little did we know that not only would Amethyst achieve these goals and more, but she would teach Prosperity Connection a new way to help clients set and reach their personal savings goals.

After working with Coach Alnita Smiley to create a financial plan, Amethyst got to work by committing herself to eliminating $2,700 in credit card debt. By setting a goal and committing herself to regular large payments each month, she had a plan in place to keep on track. As Amethyst continued her regular sessions with Alnita, she decided that in addition to gaining full-time employment and paying down debt, she also needed to start saving in order to be able to afford a future move to Texas.

To keep herself motivated, Amethyst conceived of and launched her very own ‘Savings Photo Book’. The Savings Photo Book project (see photo) is based on a simple premise; keep your progress in sight to stay on track. And she has done just that. Her goal is to save $6,000 by the end of 2017. Between December of 2016 and March of 2017, Amethyst saved $600 toward her goal! Coach Alnita was so impressed that she decided to start her Savings Photo Book.

Amethyst and Financial Coach Alnita with their Photo Savings Books

While we strive to teach and guide our clients down the pathway of financial empowerment, we also realize that sometimes we too can learn something new. Amethyst is well on her way to meeting this savings goal, and has even greater capacity to do so since she became a full-time assistant retail manager at the department store where she works. Long-term, Amethyst, 25, has a dream of creating a nonprofit fashion incubator business that benefits mental health programs in urban communities.