Resilience: Anthony’s Commitment to His Goals

Anthony is a veteran living with a disability who keeps an enduring, positive outlook on life. He was homeless until he found the Missouri Veteran Endeavor (MOVE-STL) which is a long-term housing facility for veterans located in the 24:1 Community footprint. As soon as he moved in, they referred him to start financial coaching. His first session was in May 2017. Since then, he has had several in-person sessions + 4 accountability follow-ups.

He started by reviewing and setting a new budget. Anthony observed that although he was capable of working on his own, he found that his Financial Coach provided extra guidance and was able to answer questions as they came up. Soon he was on his way to improving his credit score. Now Anthony’s goal is to purchase a home and save in case of an emergency. He never misses a session, and he always comes prepared. He tracks all of his expenses to make sure he’s within his budget.

“It helps to put everything in order and in perspective. Write everything down.”

It’s not always been easy. Anthony had an unexpected tire blowout that led to a major accident. Even after insurance covered part of it, the repairs were costly. He borrowed money from his mother to cover the remainder.

Anthony is unflappable and has kept a positive attitude, throughout. “When things change, you have to adjust with it,” he stated resolutely.

Even though his medical expenses have been costly, he managed to make his last payment outstanding debt, repays money he borrowed and puts a little bit in savings every month.

Anthony has worked so hard for the past year and is committed to his goals. He is focused on building an emergency fund and being prepared for property taxes due at the end of the year.

Even though he has experienced a succession of hardships, his jubilant personality and “can-do attitude” could light up any person’s day. The Prosperity Connection team are regularly inspired by our clients, and Anthony is part of that.