Financial Education Can Change Your Life

On February 23, 2023, we hosted our first ever Client Celebration! This event honored five coaching clients who have been working hard to reach their financial goals. These clients believed in and saw the power of financial education. Their success is inspiring, and we can’t keep all that inspiration to ourselves! Read more about the perseverance, growth, and journey of these five wonderful people!

If you’d like to learn more about the coaching process, check out this page. Or if you know you’re ready to start your own financial coaching journey, you can sign up here.

Rena Schergen

Rena Schergen wears a turquoise cardigan and purple scarf. She's smiling into the camera and holding her certificate of excellence. Standing next to her is financial coach Ben Feimer. He's smiling and wearing a blue-grey polo shirt.

After ending a relationship where finances were managed jointly, Rena Schergen realized that she needed guidance on managing finances on her own. Rena discovered Prosperity Connection through her Tower Grove CDC “HomeScreen” application and started working with coach Ben Feimer to build a spending plan, save regularly, and take control of her finances. With Ben’s help, Rena is now confident in her ability to budget, save, and achieve her financial goals while still indulging guilt-free in things that make her happy! She recently purchased her first Certificate of Deposit and is excited to explore other savings options. Rena’s biggest takeaway from her journey is that she is capable of handling her own finances and building wealth. Grateful for Ben’s support, encouragement, and knowledge, she’s ready for the next chapter of her life: home buying.

Jennifer Behrman

Jennifer Behrman wears a one-shoulder, black velvet dress. She's smiling at the camera and holding her certificate of excellence. Standing next to her is financial coach Nikki Whetsell. Nikki is also smiling into the camera and is wear and navy blue dress with white, floral embroidery.

Jennifer Behrman discovered Prosperity Connection through Rung for Women after her cousin recommended the program. She attended an Understanding Credit class taught by Nikki Whetsell and was immediately captivated by Nikki’s knowledge and welcoming spirit. Jennifer began meeting with Nikki to improve her credit score, increase savings, and create a spending and debt reduction plan. Coaching was a great accountability tool for Jennifer, helping her remove roadblocks and gain control of her finances. She’s achieved 70% of her savings goal and is on track to reach her year-end target. Knowing how to make her money work for her has been a turning point for Jennifer. She wants to share her knowledge with friends and family and empower them to take control of their finances. Prosperity Connection has helped Jennifer gain confidence and take charge of her financial future.

Nora Budget**

Nora** moved to St. Louis for graduate school and never left! After she heard about Prosperity Connection through Rung for Women, she registered for coaching. Although she felt she handled her finances well, Nora** knew having a second pair of eyes could be beneficial. Her immediate goal was to work on budgeting, which she achieved with the help of Nikki, her coach. Over six months, she paid off debt, created and followed a spending plan, and started saving for future goals. Nora** said, “The whole process was enlightening” – she feels Nikki really gave her clarity and insight on her finances. She is especially proud of her investment in a new road bike, which she’s excited to ride when the weather improves. Nora** is currently enjoying the fruits of her labor and doesn’t have any immediate financial goals she’s working towards.

**this is a pseudonym

Stephanie Blakley

Stephanie Blakley is wearing a cream button-up blouse with an orange square pattern, and a black skirt. She has square glasses with clear rims and wears braces. She is smiling at the camera and holding her certificate of excellence. Standing next to her is financial coach Sasha Moore. Sasha also smiles at the camera and is wearing a light blue cardigan with a black skirt.

Stephanie Blakley grew up in an area of rural Missouri where talking about money was considered rude. As she came of age, Stephanie realized that she lacked financial knowledge. She discovered Prosperity Connection through her Tower Grove CDC “HomeScreen” application and thought we could be a great resource for her clients at Youth in Need. Stephanie reached out and discovered that we could also help her. She began working with Sasha Moore to create a spending plan because she didn’t have a grasp on how much money she was spending each month. With Sasha’s support, Stephanie developed a spending plan suitable for her lifestyle and incorporated accountability methods. She now feels more capable of holding herself accountable to her financial goals. Those goals include refinancing her student loans, purchasing a car, and growing her savings. Stephanie’s time with Sasha has made her less fearful of checking her bank and credit card statements and has eliminated her anxiety around finances.

Elizabeth Myers

It's a picture of a slide being presented on a screen. The slide includes a photo of Elizabeth Myers - she is resting her head on her hand and is smiling into the camera. She wears blue glasses and her hair is slicked back into a ponytail. The slide also includes a quote from Elizabeth that reads, "I feel like I have control over my finances, credit, even my income."
Liz was unable to join us that evening, but she was still celebrated and received her certificate of excellence!

Elizabeth Myers is a trailblazer in the world of Prosperity Connection. She built a solid financial knowledge foundation when she attended our classes and met with a former financial coach. But, Liz realized she needed discipline in addition to knowledge. She joined Rung for Women and met Nikki, where she focused on her relationship with money. By using activities like Money Habitudes, Liz learned how her emotions related to her spending. This helped her start discipline and accountability practices best suited for her.

After Nikki’s transition to a new role, Liz started working with Sasha Moore. Sasha helped her build on her previous understanding and focus on tightening her budget, creating weekly spending plans, cleaning up her credit report, and increasing her credit and savings. Liz is taking control of her finances and has achieved her goals of refinancing her car loan, getting a checking and savings account, and opening a line of credit. She’s also on track to achieve her credit score goal by year-end. Her long-term goals include learning to invest wisely, opening her own business, and getting a custom-built home. Liz shared, “I feel like I have control over my finances, credit, even my income.”