Allison Cook (she, her)

Banking Solutions Consultant at Edward Jones

I live in Columbia, IL with my husband and 2 young sons. We love hiking and biking together as a family and have recently tried jumping on the pickleball bandwagon. The 3 year-old has a long way to go to be competition ready! I have been in the financial services industry for 11 years, focused on training and education, and I love volunteering with Prosperity Connection because I learn new things every day through the clients and staff!

Carrie Driscoll (she, her)

Senior Business Analyst at Enterprise Holdings

I have worked in IT for over a decade in business analysis, project management, and systems analysis. I think understanding how money works in our society is crucial. Not having this understanding holds people back, sometimes for generations. I like volunteering with Prosperity Connection because it allows me to take action to empower others.

Joyce Kampwerth (she, her)

Senior Vice President of Community Development with Parkside Financial Bank & Trust

I have been with Parkside Financial Bank & Trust since we opened in 2008. Volunteering with Prosperity Connection/St. Louis Builds Credit is such an easy partnership. With their goal of helping people improve their relationship with money and stay on track to meet their financial goals coupled with my “very long tenure” in banking, it just makes such a positive relationship. Let’s face it–with any challenges in life there are resources to be found, and financial challenges are no exception. So, if I can help with Prosperity Connection and St. Louis Builds Credit’s incredible mission and help serve as a springboard for someone’s financial path – I am there.

Mindy Pluma (she, her)

Dealer Relationship Manager at Midwest Acceptance Corporation

I have over 20 years experience in the automotive industry, so I know all kinds of little tricks to help people out! I am fluent in Spanish, completed the program for Portuguese, and I just started learning French. I enjoy volunteering because I feel like I have learned a lot in my lifetime. If I can help just one person take a short cut and learn from my mistakes, I’d be happy!

Anniece Robinson (she, her)

Operations Manager at Moneta Group

I’ve worked at Moneta Group, an Investment firm, for two thirds of my life. I began volunteering at Prosperity Connection to educate others on the importance of credit and share my personal experience of conquering poor credit. Understanding credit has a lasting impact on many facets of our lives. Seeing a person’s face light up with enthusiasm when they realize improving their financial outlook is within reach encourages me to continue sharing my knowledge and helping others. Some fun facts about me are that I’m currently learning Spanish to communicate more effectively when traveling, and I obtained my motorcycle endorsement but never actually purchased a bike!

Andrea Stewart-Douglas (she, her)

Senior Associate Director at Washington University in St. Louis

I have spent the last 11 years working closely with students and their families to help them navigate the financial aid application process. I feel very fortunate to be a Prosperity Connection volunteer because it gives me the opportunity to combine two of my passions – financial literacy and helping others. In addition to assisting students fund their college educations, helping them achieve financial well-being is a top priority. I also want to make a difference within the St. Louis community by helping others develop greater confidence and skills with managing their personal finances. I have learned over the years that developing financial well-being through financial literacy is a lifelong skill. I absolutely love sharing tips and strategies in our Prosperity Connection classes because I know how much they can help people build bright and healthy financial futures. 

Nikol Theberge (she, her)

Community Home Loan Advisor / Senior Loan Officer at First Bank

I’m a home loan officer with First Bank! My favorite part of my job is helping someone purchase a home. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first or the last. It’s always exciting and I’m here to help through the whole transaction even if we need to work on credit before getting started. I am always looking to volunteer in the community and Prosperity Connection is the best place to do that. They work with a lot of different organizations. I enjoy helping others and sharing my credit knowledge that I have learned over the past 20 years in the mortgage industry.

Richard Warner (he, him)

Real Estate Broker and co-owner of My 3 Birds Realty LLC

I am a Real Estate Broker, I own and operate My 3 Birds Realty LLC with my lovely wife Robin. When I’m not working or at church, my wife and kids and I are often on road trips. In real estate I speak with many people who have goals of home ownership or of being financially stable, but they don’t believe they are able to achieve their goals because of financial mistakes made in the past. Being able to volunteer with Prosperity Connection allows me to do what I enjoy–helping people achieve their goals.

Robin Warner (she, her)

Real Estate Agent and co-owner of My 3 Birds Realty LLC

I am a Real Estate Agent, and I own and operate My 3 Birds Realty LLC with my husband Richard. I enjoy church, my family, and all forms of art. I love volunteering with Prosperity Connection because I enjoy helping others as I continue my own journey of learning and setting new financial goals. 

Nikki Woelfel (she, her)

Vice President of Community Development at Carrollton Bank

I’m a wife and mother of one who loves work and play. My work is very fulfilling but I also can’t wait to get home at night to spend time with my little family. I think it’s so important to get this information out to people. We don’t learn financial literacy anywhere else but it impacts our daily lives. I love opening this topic up to people for the first time.