“They [Prosperity Connection] began to really inspire me on saving and getting things back to normal in my life.”

Second chances do exist. And Reginald is grateful for them.

After being released from prison, Reginald faced a variety of struggles. He wanted to connect with his daughter, but encountered challenges when interacting with the mother. Unfortunately, this prevented him from being involved in his daughter’s life. Having grown up without his father in the picture, Reginald wanted to break the cycle.

He reached out to Fathers’ Support Center – an organization that develops active fathers and cohesive families. Fathers’ Support Center provides services to unemployed or underemployed fathers. Prosperity Connection has actively worked with this organization for years, providing financial education and an outlet for account services. Reginald enrolled in a program that allowed him to participate in the classes and see things in an entirely different perspective – a hopeful one. He learned that part of being an involved father meant getting on track financially and demonstrating commitment to employment. The financial management skills he learned put him on the road to becoming the provider he yearned to become.

“I was really looking at no way out,” Reginald said. “A lot of people really don’t know what they are doing with their money…and I was one of them.”

Today, Reginald is a Supervisor Facilitator for Fathers’ Support Center, as well as a Facilaitor for Family and Workforce Centers of America, a partner group. He’s paying it forward, helping other fathers who walked in his shoes. And most importantly, he now has a relationship with his daughter and control over his financial life.

“If it wasn’t for them, I would probably be in so much debt right now,” exclaimed Reginald. “They [Prosperity Connection] began to really inspire me on saving and getting things back to normal in my life.