10 Benefits of Financial Coaching

10 Benefits of Financial Coaching
August 24, 2015 Paul Woodruff


  1. It’s Free!—No payment is required or requested for one-on-one Financial Coaching regardless of how many sessions you decide to have.
  2. No Sales – Financial Coaches will talk with you about any aspect of personal finance that you wish without any product or service sales. The focus is 100% on your needs and goals. When considering financial products and services, we recommend researching 3 different institutions that you believe will best meet your needs. We will help you weigh your options, but ultimately the decision is yours.
  3. Judgement Free Zone— Understanding that life happens and nobody is perfect is important. We will not judge you for your financial decisions. Helping you find the best path to take is important to us, but we won’t judge you for taking a different route earlier in life.
  4. Flexibility— We work around your schedule. Prosperity Connection’s Financial Coaches take daytime and evening appointments with locations in both St Louis City and St Louis County. We understand that your job and family are important, and we truly do our best to accommodate the unique needs in your schedule.
  5. Goal Focused—Our sessions focus on your financial goals. Together, we take a realistic look at your current financial status versus your goal; creating an action plan is much easier when working with a Financial Coach to help motivate and encourage you along the way.
  6. Self-Sustainable— Throughout the Financial Coaching process, you learn tools you can use to better yourself financially. If a problem arises in the future, you know that you have the ability to overcome the financial hurdles standing between you and success.
  7. Partnership—Just like going to the gym is more successful when you have a friend working out with you, personal finance is easier to navigate with someone you trust encouraging you along the way.
  8. Confidential—Personal finances are just that… personal! We will not share any of your personal information without your permission. The information gathered helps us see your improvements over time.
  9. New Skills—A Financial Coach has many tools that you can add to your tool-belt. During your sessions, the Financial Coach may offer you some suggestions for handling certain financial situations.
  10. Financial Success—Throughout the partnership, we meet to discuss what is working and what areas you would like help. We help you create an action plan and remain available to you until you reach your goals.

To schedule a session with Financial Coach for one-on-one help, call the Excel Center at (314) 385-1586.

By: Meghan Northcutt, AFC® Candidate, FFC Candidate