Paying for College

Paying for College
April 11, 2016 Prosperity Connection

College was the best thing that ever happened to me, but the worst financial thing that ever happened in my life. My time at college is where I became “me” and helped myself figure out my “why.” However, I am still paying for it every month. I will continue to pay for it every month. It is the biggest financial burden I carry, and will ever carry. I live with no regrets, but want to encourage people to find the best and least expensive track for their educational dreams.

Those of us with kids should really consider saving for their college education as soon as possible. I applaud those people whom I have met who started saving for their child’s college education the moment they found out they are pregnant. There are so many savings vehicles – 529s, ESAs, CDAs. Choose one and commit. We are all in this together to make sure our future generation’s possibilities our limitless.

Scholarships are numerous, and make college much more accessible. Be on the hunt and stay thirsty for scholarships. Never let an application run by you. That is money on the table. Do not leave it there. There are numerous community resources that  are available to help the search.

Finally, do not take out more than you need. You need tuition and room and board. Work and save for as much as you can. Too many times people view tuition refunds as extra cash. Be careful! You have to pay it back.

Please stop by and see a financial coach at Prosperity Connection. We can help!

By Sarah Dlugolecki, Financial Education Manager, Prosperity Connection