Your Gift Is an Investment in Someone’s Financial Future

Your Gift Is an Investment in Someone’s Financial Future
December 22, 2016 Prosperity Connection

What a difference a year makes! 2016 has been a HUGE year for Prosperity Connection. We now have THREE Excel Center® locations—St. John, Pagedale, and Old North—to better reach and serve economically vulnerable populations with group seminars and one-on-one financial coaching. That signifies that we were able to provide more meaningful personal development opportunities.

  • Our client, Jeana, struggled with financial stability. Earlier in life, she lacked accountability and consistency in creating a budget and sticking with it. She was living with the negative outcomes of poor spending habits–paying exorbitant late fees and digging deeper into debt. By working together with her financial coach, Jeana was able to develop new skills and build her confidence to take on her personal finances.
“My biggest mistake was thinking I can do it on my own. What helps the most is the fact that I have a plan, written down for me to see.  It’s visible, flexible and workable FOR ME.  This vision, aligned with better decisions, will help me to reach my future goal!”
  • Another client, John, paid for his first home in cash, but tragically an accidental fire burned it to the ground. Dealing with such a substantial loss seemed insurmountable. John had to start over. His most immediate need–a place to call home–was hindered by a small handful of items on his credit report that raised flags with lenders.  Financial Coach, Evette, has been working with John for the past few months to get those items removed–arranging affordable payments and setting him on a course to home ownership in the near future.

These are just a few examples of how the work we do impacts individual lives EVERY DAY of the year. This wouldn’t be possible without YOU–our supporters. THANK YOU!

As we wrap up 2016, Prosperity Connection welcomes you to continue your support with a tax-deductible, holiday season gift that will help fund a better future through financial education and coaching. Just click on the Donate! button on the menu tab. What’s even better? A gift that keeps on giving…check the “Make my payment a recurring payment” box to spread your donation out over a time period of your choice.

Warmest Wishes,

The Prosperity Connection Team

PS – BIG PLANS are in the works for 2017, including a South City (St. Louis) Wealth Accumulation Center. Stay tuned for a grand opening in the Spring!